Friday, September 5, 2014


    • "Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart."  -Kahlil Gibran

Today, my 42nd has been a supremely lovely day.  I have been surrounded with all that I love.  Family, friendship, children, animals, flowers, delicious food, books, a bubble bath, snuggles, naps, a walk, meaningful heartfelt words, faith, zestiness, gentleness and so much more have adorned me today.  Certainly I celebrate 42 years.  42 years filled with life...not always easy, not always pretty....always filled with love and always held in my Savior's arms.  I am grateful.

I started receiving texts and emails last night wishing me a happy birthday celebration.  I am already like a little kid with birthdays....I think they are a BIG DEAL and I really love recognizing them as such.

This morning began with waking John by singing Happy Birthday to Me in an off key, scratchy morning voice.  I can still make my 13 year old smile....something to cherish. 

I walked John to school and continued with my own morning walk, talk with and listen to God.  Seeing the morning sky brings me tremendous comfort always.  Good times.  Some of the holiest times in my life occur during my walk; great inspiration to keep it up.

While I walked, my Momma and my sister Beth called to serenade me with the Happy Birthday song.  I sure miss my Daddy singing on that call but Beth and Mom make a pretty awesome duet.  

I arrived home to the hottest husband in town (my husband) and to 9 year old Stella...the brightest ray of sunshine in my world.  I got to have time to help her through her homework, chat with Nathan a bit and enjoy a little coffee.

I had a few moments to get ready for work and really consider how much of a miracle it is that I am here.  Actually, how much of a miracle life is for any of us and how precious it is.  Knowing that not in a way that makes me fearful of losing it (life), but knowing that in a way that makes me want to live it fully and be thankful in every single moment, every season.  EVERY SEASON.

I walked into Mrs. Mitchell's classroom to the sound of the sweetest kindergarten class singing Happy Birthday to Mrs. T (that's me) and then found myself in the middle of their group hug.  Each of them had made me a card and Mrs. Mitchell had hung a Happy Birthday sign in the room.  My heart was so touched by their kindness.  

We had a little Gingerbread Boy visit our classroom today and he had run away, so as a class we went on a school tour following clues to find him.  Watching the faces of the children...pure joy.  Watching Mrs. Mitchell engage with them as they looked for the Gingerbread Boy...magical.  These simple moments filled my heart with happy!

I received flowers at work from one of my dearest friends, Michelle.  Flowers are life.  I love them.  I love them even more when a friend I love like a sister surprises me with them.  love love love lovely.

I received an awesome picture from Mrs. Mitchell.  It says..."Faith is when you close your eyes and open your heart."  We have worked together for not even three full weeks now but I am so excited to work together this year.  She is an amazing teacher and I see a fabulous friendship in the making.  I love knowing that she already knew I would find so much value in this gift.

I took Stella home from school a little early...cuz' it's my birthday.  We went to visit Beth and see how she is feeling and then we went to pick up John.  Then...home for a nap.  It was supposed to be 20 minutes or so and I crashed for nearly 3 hours...refreshing!

Nathan and the kiddos presented me with "Wonder" and "365 days of Wonder". I have been looking forward to reading these!  A card filled with loving wishes, a scarf for fall and new earbuds too...I feel spoiled.  

Went to see my Momma, (Beth and Auntie were there too) have to see your Momma on your birthday if she is on this earth and it's feasible...because she's your Momma!  I'm extra lucky because my Momma is also my friend, my encourager, my strength and she let me live inside her body for 9 she lets me reside in her heart, mind and life.

John opted to go to a football game with friend's tonight.  Hard to release that rope a little, but I must.  I hope he is having a grand time, truly.  I enjoyed spending the rest of the evening with Stella and Nathan...I still missed my young man.

Nathan, Stella and I went to see my Daddy at his memory center.  I figured even if he doesn't know me today, I know him.  I know he is my Daddy and has a great deal to do with the fact that I am here for my 42nd birthday.  We shared lots of hugs, lots of I love you's and lots of singing Happy Birthday and You are My Sunshine.  We visited with all the residents because they have all become precious to us.  I don't think he knew us alot of tonight...he did know we were familiar I believe.  He told Stella and I how beautiful we were and he told Nathan how lucky he was to have these beautiful women in his life.  A worthy visit.  

Last, we went to Sushi favorite sushi ever.  YUM.  A treat.  An extremely yummy treat.  Saw a family there that I knew from my preschool them.  

In every phone calls, every text, every email and fb post...every hug, card, kind word, smile, I have been loved.  From every corner and in every moment today I have been reminded of what a wonderful life this is.  My focus has been constantly been turned to the blessings that make my world rich.  From all directions I have seen, I have heard and I have felt that I MATTER.  What a gift this day has been.

Home now...
Stella sleeps beside me.
John is home and covering me with hugs.
Nathan and I share intimate conversation about simple things that are
Rusty snores, Maple stills, Froggy meows and Toby licks his eyeballs.
God is so present.
This is my world.
I am loved.  I love.  Love wins.  A beautiful birthday.

  • "Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart."  -Kahlil Gibran

My heart is well lit with a radiant brightness.  Thank you Jesus for all.

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