Friday, March 21, 2014


You know how life has a way of being overwhelming at times?  I'm there.  I am overwhelmed with life.  OVERWHELMED.

What I find fascinating is what I am learning about me right now.  One thing I am sure of...


It's a gift, truly.  Joy....a gift from God.  Different from happiness, happiness can be circumstantial.  Joy and happy don't have to coexist.  As a matter of fact, I can feel horribly disheartened but my heart still has joy.  Joy...not a feeling but a heart gift.

A precious friend gave me a sweet present and card a few weeks ago.  The words written in the card were "The Joy of the Lord is my strength."  Ever since then, I have been hearing that phrase several times a songs, in my Jesus Calling devotional, out of the Bible, from a friend...all beautiful reminders...."the Joy of the Lord IS my Strength."

How true that is.  One day, when I look back at the ugliness and heartache of this era, I may wonder how I got through it.  I will know that 'I' did not but 'WE' did.  My God and me.  The joy he gave me....not circumstantial, makes no sense in this moment yet my joy is clearly present.  I am grateful for this gift of joy.  It is irreplaceable.

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